Felipe Arteaga

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Hola! I am a sixth-year PhD student in economics at UC Berkeley, and a research affiliate at ConsiliumBots.

I am an applied and empirical microeconomic researcher. I am interested in understanding how to craft effective public policy. Much of my research is related to school choice.

I also like mountains.

CV / Resume
fharteaga ‘at’ berkeley.edu

Job market Paper

Imperfect Information and Outside Options in Centralized School Choice


Smart Matching Platforms and Heterogeneous Beliefs in Centralized School Choice
With Adam Kapor, Christopher Neilson, and Seth Zimmerman. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2022

Working Papers

Can Information on School Attributes and Placement Probabilities Direct Search and Choice? Evidence from Choice Platforms in Ecuador and Peru
With Gregory Elaqua, Thomas Krussig, Carolina Méndez, and Christopher Neilson

Teaching Assistant

MBA, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Undergraduate, UC Berkeley

Undergraduate, PUC Chile